Everyone is John


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A competitive roleplaying game for three or more people.


Voices are the Player Characters of Everyone is John. They are defined by their Willpower, Skills and Obsessions


Willpower is a pool of points that the Voice can spend to take control of John or improve its chance of success in any given action. Willpower will go down and up a lot in the game, so it might be easier to represent it with tokens rather than numbers on a page. Willpower starts off at 10 for most Voices.


Each Voice has two or three skills. This is a freeform game, so just write down a short description of the skill, like “Drives well,” or “Good at persuading people.” Most Voices have two skills, but you can have three if you start at 7 Willpower instead of 10.


This is kind of like a winning condition: if you complete your obsession more than other Voices complete their obsession, you win. Obsessions come in three grades: Level 1 (pretty easy to accomplish, like “Pigging out on candy”), Level 2 (more difficult or risky, like, “dressing up in women’s clothing and hitting on strangers,”), and Level 3 (nearly impossible to accomplish, like, “Blowing up buildings”). The harder obsessions count more than the easier ones.


John is a totally insane man in Minneapolis. He is controlled by the Voices in his head — one at a time, of course.


Play begins with John waking up in the morning (and a test for control of him). The GM then describes the circumstances into which he wakes up. With John, you never can tell. He could be in a gutter somewhere, or he could be in a palatial estate, or anywhere in between. The Voices really have no idea how they ended up here.

At this point, the Voices should start working on fulfilling their obsessions and avoiding getting John killed. Inevitably, their Willpowers will decrease. Once all of the Voices are out of Willpower, John sinks back into sleep, and the game session is over.

At this point, the Voices reveal their obsessions and count up how many times each was filled. Note that it counts for you if someone else is Active and fulfills your obsession.

Now, multiply the number of times you fulfilled your obsession by your obsession’s rank (1, 2, or 3). That’s the number of points you have. Highest number of points wins the game, and, generally speaking, is the GM of the next game of Everyone is John.

Rules from Everyone is John website. Everyone is John was created by Michael B. Sullivan